Shoemaker Protocol Certification

We are excited to announce that Dr. Mary has recently been certified by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker as a Diplomate in the Shoemaker Protocol. She has passed an extensive examination by Dr. Shoemaker certifying her knowledge of the complex protocol for treating mold and biotoxin related illnesses.

Several years ago she became interested in biotoxins. She realized that patients that weren’t easily treated for depression, anxiety and fatigue using even integrative medicine, turned out to often be suffering from biotoxin illness. Biotoxin illness is a multisymptom, multisyndrome inflammatory illness caused by toxins released by fungi or bacteria.

Dr. Shoemaker has been investigating this syndrome for more than 15 years, has seen more than 6000 patients and has published peer reviewed articles documenting both how to diagnose and treat the illness. Using the Shoemaker protocol has allowed Dr. Mary to document, through numerous lab abnormalities, that many of her patients have a chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) of which only a small part of the symptom profile is depression or anxiety.

Dr. Mary is extremely proud to have been recognized by Dr. Shoemaker, and looks forward to contributing her own expertise in psychiatric illness and brain inflammation to the existing biotoxin literature.

People often ask why anyone is worried about mold in the desert. It sounds surprising, but Tucson has lots of indoor mold, primarily from flat roofs, flooding, swamp coolers and lackadaisical maintenance of water intrusion over the years. We also have shoddy new construction from buildings put up in haste during the housing boom. Because we are dry it is not as easy to smell mold as it in more humid climes so it often goes unnoticed for years. A very common scenario is a leaking flat roof where maintenance is put off because “the monsoons will be over soon”. Since it only takes two days for mold to establish itself after water intrusion, the leaking roof is a problem even if the rain is scarce for months.

Some may object to the idea that mold can cause illness since it is so ubiquitous. However genetic research has shown that 1/4 of the population have immune systems that cannot easily handle mold. Three quarters of the population can manage and neutralize mold in their bodies. These people may have difficulty understanding how ill the other 1/4 of the population can get from a minute exposure. This makes for some very interesting discussions among patients, family members, mold remediators, doctors, and our legal system.

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