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Mold and Biotoxins

  • Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Handout (pdf)
  • Mold Illness
    Mold is an extremely insidious, destructive toxin. Although mold biotoxins can cause chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, blindness and even death, the diagnosis is frequently missed. Without removal of the source of mold the illness cannot be cured, no matter what allopathic meds are used. This article discusses the many symptoms mold biotoxins can cause and explores various treatments for removing the mold biotoxins from the body.

Diet and Health

  • Ketogenic Diet Resources
    More and more I recommend the ketogenic diet, also known as the paleo diet, GAPS, Atkins, or low carb diet, to people struggling with inflammation, obesity, cancer or psychiatric illness.
  • Magnesium and Super Health
    In my experience there is no supplement that makes people “happier” or feel better than a properly adjusted magnesium level.
  • Fish Oil for Vibrant Health
    Read why Dr. Ackerley thinks fish oil is the one supplement everyone should be taking.


  • Far Reaching Effects of Gluten Sensitivity – Update 2011
    Gluten is the main protein found in wheat and other grains. In many people the body reacts to gluten as if it was a virus and attacks it and the surrounding tissue. This immune response damages surrounding tissue and has the potential to set off, or exacerbate, MANY other health problems throughout your body. This is why gluten can have such a devastating effect on your overall health.
  • Far Reaching Effects of Gluten Sensitivity
    Learn why anyone suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, digestive problems or other autoimmune disorders needs to find out if they are gluten sensitive.

Traditional Medication and Drugs

  • Problems with Abilify – A Patient Letter
    As anyone who has been with us for some time knows, we are appalled by the use of antipsychotic medicine for people who are not extremely agitated, delusional or hallucinating. Yet Abilify, an atypical antipsychotic, is widely advertised on TV.
  • Anatomy of an Epidemic – Book Review
    Most people are shocked to find out that despite the widespread use of psychiatric medications in our society, the number of people who are disabled by psychiatric illness has tripled in the last twenty five years. What does that say about the effectiveness of these drugs? To find out more please read this article.

Holistic Practice for Healing and Health

  • The Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness
    Holistic medical practitioners evaluate the patient’s complete health picture and examine how all body systems interrelate before determining a plan for healing.
  • The Importance of Carnosine
    This protein has been shown to be a great addition in the treatment of neurological disorders and it can be quite helpful in many other diseases too.
  • Homeopathy and the Flu
    Discover how a fairly common European remedy is used as a frontline defense against the flu.


  • Methylation Mutation Resources
    At MyPassion4Health we frequently test for methylation mutations, which can be a fundamental root of illness.
  • Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
    ADD is an illness that affects adults as well as children. It can have many dehabilitating consequences.
  • Autoimmune Thyroiditis or Hashimotos Syndrome
    Hashimotos, or autoimmune thyroiditis, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Yet most people have never heard of it. Read here to find out more about it.
  • New Hope for Bipolar Illness
    Bipolar mania and depression are serious illnesses that affect many people. Most commonly the treatments prescribed are Lithium and anti-seizure meds, which have the potential, after long term use, for serious side effects. In this article published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry a natural mineral, vitamin and amino acid supplement was prescribed for bipolar patients and found to be highly effective.


Menopause / Andropause

  • Bio-identical Hormones
    Recently bio-identical hormones have received a lot of publicity through Oprah and Suzanne Somers. BHRT is the buzzword of today, and many women entering menopause want to know what they can do to escape the discomfort of night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, body itching and short term memory loss that can result from their bodies decrease in the production of sex hormones.
  • Andropause
    While it is widely known that women experience a decline in their hormones as they age, it is less known that the same can happen for many men. Read more to find out about male menopause or andropause.
  • Hormone Balancing for the Peri-Menopausal Woman
    Like many things in life, you don’t really know how good you have it until you start to lose it. For many women in their late forties that knowledge begins about three years before their periods actually end.

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Medicare Coverage IS NOT An Even Playing Field
    Most people assume that since Medicare is a national program that it covers the same services for all Medicare constituents regardless of residence. That is not true.
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
    There is no “safe” level of toxic metals. The human body was not designed to run with lead and mercury. There is no known physiological role in the human body for lead, mercury or aluminum. Very small amounts can have very negative effects. This article explores how heavy metals get into the body, the harm they do, and how to escort them back out.
  • Gallbladder Removal
    800,000 gallbladders a year are removed in the US. Read here to find out how you can save yours.
  • Insomnia
    Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. There are many different causes for poor sleep. Read the following article for some good tips about what you can do to ensure that your sleep is restful.
  • Healing Your Brain
    Dr. Mary discusses the four main types of neurotransmitters which are the chemicals that run your brain, and ultimately determine your mood, your personality and your ability to learn and remember.