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We understand the importance of high quality herbs and nutraceuticals. Over the years, we have researched across the market and found brands that we believe in. Dr. Ackerley offers single product recommendations and bundles available through the portals below. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ackerley to receive your personal recommendations and begin your journey in transformational healing.

If you have an existing Researched Nutritionals account with My Passion 4 Health, simply click the image and login! Patients who need to register for an account may click above and create a new account through the login option. You will be prompted to enter Dr. Ackerley’s practitioner code and your personal details. Note: if you need Dr. Ackerley’s practitioner code, please reach out to

Click the image above to create an account and receive personalized recommendations from Dr. Ackerley. Patients will receive discounted rates through the Metagenics portal (including 15% off their first order).

Patients of My Passion 4 Health can create a Fullscript account and receive Dr. Ackerley’s personalized recommendations by clicking the image above. The Fullscript welcome email will provide information about patient discount rates.

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Significant Link Found Between Air Pollution and Neurological Disorders in U.S.
Air pollution was significantly associated with an increased risk of hospital admissions for several neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias, in a long-term study of more than 63 million older U.S. adults, led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health – Read more here.

Chronic illnesses are on the rise and treating physicians are continuously stretched to understand the complexities involved in helping those affected. Neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration can be common experiences for patients with complex chronic illnesses and can also, unfortunately, be overlooked or misdiagnosed. The use of NeuroQuant MRIs can help trained clinicians better understand the individual needs of a patient through neuroscience. In this free ebook, Dr. Ackerley reviews some basic information about NeuroQuants and how this diagnostic tool has played an essential role in her practice as she help patients recover from chronic illness.

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