“Such a great call with Dr. Ackerley this morning! I have spent years trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. I’ve often been met with derision, dismissal, and bad news. So to have a medical professional provide me with hope was needed and appreciated. I’m getting closer to figuring my illness out! There’s hope for recovery of cognition and memory! If given the opportunity, please pass along my thoughts.”

“Dear Dr. Ackerley, This is just a short note to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with my daughter and I today. While she hasn’t spoken to me about the appointment, I know that your wisdom has impacted her. (she gave me a hug!) I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the hour we spent together today. Thank you. All my best.” – M.

“Let me start off by saying that this doctor is not cheap and does not accept insurance. However, I wasted plenty of time and thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with me. That being said I think that doctors in-network are limited in what they can do, and for someone with chronic issues or mystery illnesses, it is probably just worth it to seek alternative/functional medicine that is probably not covered. This was definitely the case for me.

I spent over 3 years and probably over 20 doctors trying to get a diagnosis. About a year into feeling sick, I went through antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease but saw absolutely no improvements, so I continued to seek answers. Dr. Ackerley is knowledgeable, competent, and validated all of my concerns. After years of dealing with doctors who had no clue what to do with me, it was refreshing to find someone who has experience with issues like mine and knew what to do right away.

With only a blood test, MRI, and 2 appointments, Dr. Ackerley found out exactly why I’ve stayed sick. These issues were there all along, but someone needed to know what to look for. Some doctors do not take the time to look deeper into issues and test for a variety of things. I got more answers this past month than I have for my entire health journey.

I will also mention that if you’re not willing to make lifestyle changes: i.e. diet change, cutting out toxins, being consistent with supplements, this will not work for you. You need to be willing to make a commitment to your health, but after feeling bad for so long it was an easy decision for me. There is no magic pill that you can take to feel better. But if you are willing to put in the work, Dr. Ackerley can really help. I am so glad I found her and I will recommend her to anyone.”

Dr. Mary was patient and able to discern the causes for my health decline, “peeling the onion” until I was able to treat the multiple illnesses , one by one. I trust her with my life completely, and will be forever grateful for her wisdom and dedication to helping me reclaim health and wellness. She is a true and compassionate doctor who honors her profession. She can tackle even the most challenging patient’s cases with good humor and ease, instilling confidence in her patient. She is truly brilliant!

“Dear Dr. Mary – My SSDI case is finally WON! It’s clear that your reports weighed heavily in the decision.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done and recommended, as it’s obvious that the judge gave considerable weight to those reports as well as the narratives you’d written yourself. I was well-composed throughout the hearing but must admit that I had scant hope for a favorable decision. So you can only imagine my shock when he announced – right from the bench! – that he’d decided in my favor.

I was so floored at that moment that I laid my head down on the table and cried.

When I regained my composure, I thanked him, and told him that I never in a million years would have believed I’d need to apply for disability; that I had tried so hard to avoid it for a long time, believing that I would eventually get well enough to work like a maniac again, the way I always had prior to that first exposure back in 2000. I told him that a disability is something I’d never wanted; I always thought I’d beat this thing.

I am forever indebted to you, Dr. Mary; I feel certain I could not have won this case without your extraordinary care and assistance. Again — thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” – R

“My heartfelt thanks to you and the physician group for launching the ISEA nonprofit + Facebook page. This is sure to touch the lives of many more patients through research and awareness. Your dedication, hard work and vision are appreciated. Bravo.” – S.P.

“Dr. Mary and Alex, my deepest acknowledgment to both of you for referring me to your friend and colleague, Dr. D. L.

I just want you to know that even though I don’t see you often, who you are to me Dr. Mary, is a woman, a professional, a friend who takes care of me in the way we all should take care of one another, holistically, wholly and above all caringly.

And I don’t say this “caring” part lightly; every aspect of My Passion 4 Health is a reflection of both of your characters: deep commitment to your patients, their physical, mental and emotional happiness, integrity, and awareness.

Everyone in the medical professions could learn from you.

I’ve been your patient/customer for more than 9 years and you’ve made my life better in every way!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And know that your practice and everything about My Passion 4 Health is an example of how the future of mental health looks like to me, with my doctor always “having my back.” – A.K.

“Dear Dr. Mary, I wanted to express to you how grateful I am for you and Alex’s quick response in a moment I needed guidance and help during a very stressful time. Your suggestion was perfect and I am already feeling so much better!

During the emergency I stopped taking K. PM. The recommendation was the perfect solution for my anxiety.

Thank you both so much!” – J.S.

“We have one really, really good judge in Tucson, he always tries to get to the bottom of things and make the right decision in every case. He still denies cases, but he is the most fair out of any of the judges.

I wanted to share a quote with you from the hearing yesterday:

“Counsel, Dr. Ackerley reminds me of Dr. Gray in Benson and they both seem to really be on the cutting edge in terms of mold-related illness, am I right?” I obviously agreed and cited all the lab/DNA/clinical testing that supports your opinions.

Thanks to your help, we won the case.

Again, we greatly appreciate your willingness to help your patients in these cases!” – M.M.

“Dr. Mary, you unlocked a mystery of a lifetime. I could never understand why my best efforts to heal what I thought were my childhood wounds never paid off in the form of relief from the anxiety and depression. Instead of looking at myself as a failure I now see myself and my journey quite differently. Thank you for the work you are doing for the people like myself (and your reasonable fees).” – T.D.

“Dr. Ackerley, I wanted to thank you for your support and advice regarding my SSDI. I firmly believe that without you and Meghan, I would not have had the correct evidence to win. My Sincere Thanks.” S.F.

“Dear Dr. Ackerley, I just want to thank you again for your help, time and being such a wonderful doctor. This all feels like a tremendous feat but you are giving me hope for a better life and you have been the first in 18 years out of hundreds of doctors to finally see me, to know what is actually wrong and start to put the pieces together. It brings tears to my eyes. I have suffered greatly.

I am very sick and very overwhelmed but I am determined to get better. I need all the help that I can get (especially with my limited resources and lack of energy) and you are right about having a team of doctors who can help and manage a complicated case like mine.

I know you are very busy and over loaded yourself. I will do everything in my power to get myself better, I am determined to claim my health and wellness. I want my life back. I want to be well so I can help other people someday. That is my destiny.

Thank you a billion times for everything. The world needs doctors like you.” – K.G.

“I really feel fortunate to have you as my physician. As your patient, I’ve gotten the best care I’ve had since getting sick. Finally, when I made it to you, after nearly ten years of struggling to get good care, it felt sane. All of the other experiences had been a struggle and chaotic in one way or another.” – T.H.

“I watched the conference and got some helpful information from it. I’m pleased to see you’re working to recruit more physicians to the “cause”. Thank you so much for being a part of this. Your expertise is a real addition. Since the November conference I’ve felt concerned by the weight you must carry, with all of us as your patients. Knowing all these sick people that are your patients makes it tangible to me what you deal with. I’m afraid I would be overwhelmed by it. It was good to hear the various doctors say that it’s satisfying to be able to help us. I heard you say you’re ready to share the load with some more physicians. I hope they show up soon!” – T.H.

“Thanks for the time, consideration and expertise you recently extended to me. I felt heard and I am pleased that the protocol to wellness is based on my individuality as a patient. Forging a partnership with you to move toward greater levels of vitality will be an honor and a gift. I will make an effort to support the health journey of others so we can pass this gift onto our greater community. Thank you, thank you!” – Namaste, A.M.

“Let me say that I feel absolutely great. I take only my supplements and my meds for blood pressure and prostate/flow. I’m getting good exercise, and by virtue of eliminating the intake of wheat/gluten, the condition of minor tremors and “voice issues” are all but gone. Thanks.” – M.C.

“Dr. Ackerley, first of all, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know my wife and her condition in your office yesterday. We needed the full 2 hours, and your willingness to take that much time with us was just great. For a host of reasons, we feel like we are in the right and in good hands with Dr. B. and now with you: (1) you know, understand, and respect Dr. B’s research and goals; (2) you are an expert in the CIRS and related issues; (3) you understand and are able to help my wife with the hormone treatments suggested by Dr. B. We have struggled to find a doctor we felt good about, once my wife’s primary care doctor rejected the suggested hormones; (4) it is a comfort to find a doctor who can facilitate the lab tests she needs. That has been so expensive and hard to manage; and (5) thank you for finding a way to get the Neuro Quant MRI done so quickly while we were actually there yesterday.” – C.B.

“I want to say thanks for the awesome office visit. You, Alex and Penny were wonderful…..even with the brain swab test. Ouch! I am encouraged and we are hopeful that I can get back to fathering, working and basically live again.” – D.C.

“I, and my son, are so grateful to have met you. It is one of the first times in all these years we feel an empirical forward motion is possible. Thank you for listening so deeply, and applying such grounded and discriminating intelligence, wisdom, and objectivity to my health situation. Thank you for believing me, for more than believing me. To be believed is already exceptional, to be more than believed is like a miracle.” – D.K.F.

“I traveled out of state to see Dr. Ackerley. For years I was sick with mold sickness, met with doctors who truly didn’t know what was wrong (and these were extremely well-known doctors in their field…the best neurologists, teams of them…internists, infectious disease doctors). Even when I mentioned the mold I was exposed to, I was met with blank stares.

Dr. Ackerley was a completely different experience. She took my labs and read through them, she believed what was going on with me from the tests that were provided, and then just to be sure, she was able to solidify this hypothesis with the additional testing needed. She validated me, and I knew I was in good hands. She has a precise step for everything, and is very efficient at what she does. I have a lot of questions, and she is always able to answer them calmly and with detail. I’m impressed by her knowledge, her experience, candor and kindness. I’m already seeing improvements, and am so hopeful for the future…

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met Dr. Ackerley.” – D.H.

“It was wonderful speaking to you this past week and thank you so much again for all your valuable insights and advice! Before starting the full Mold Shake protocol with CSM about 5 months ago, my brain seemed to have shut down. I could see things with my eyes though it seemed my brain was unable to fully process what I was seeing (understand the optic nerve is part of the brain), my executive functions for thinking things through, focusing, figuring out logistical matters, analyzing things, etc. was greatly diminished and almost nonexistent and I was easily overwhelmed with what used to be routine tasks and matters. I now feel better; am able to think, mind is clearer and not totally muddy/foggy, am not as flummoxed or overwhelmed with routine tasks, etc. I would still like to further improve my cognitive functions which I feel is possible especially under your superb guidance.” – M.C.

“I am so grateful for you both. One very important benefit I receive is the gift of feeling less crazy after talking with you. Most others tend to be a bit condescending and dismissive, as you well know, toward someone like me.” – L.M.

“Looks at the entire picture including complex blood work and brain scans. Is intelligent and intuitive and even a good listener. Excellent!” – L.C.

“I have been seeing Dr. Mary B. Ackerley, MD since 2008. I was post menopausal, had concerns about estrogen replacement therapy due to cancer history in my familial history and had been diagnosed with mild but chronic depression (dysthymia) and was unable to take the prescribed medication. She and her staff made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. I continue to take the supplements and medicines she suggests for my well being. She is a visionary and a warrior for those of us who don’t want just a pill or surgery, although she is Harvard trained as a psychiatrist and is constantly learning. I highly recommend Dr. Mary to anyone.” – A.K.

“Dr. Mary’s brilliance expressed in kindness has contributed to much healing emotionally and physically for me. She draws you out, and listens to what is said and not said. She took the time to read through the rather large pile of labs that I brought her, test by test, and explained their significance to me. When I asked her to please repeat something again, she graciously would with patience.

I think for me, it seems, that healing is a long journey, at times quite difficult, however, I am most grateful to have someone alongside me that is willing to look at the whole picture, rather than fragments alone.

Prior to leaving, I was provided with a personal protocol to follow of things discussed during my appointment. This serves as a guide until my follow-up. In the meantime I know I am welcome to email or call in order to communicate questions or concerns.

One last thing, Dr. Mary has an amazing web site, filled with wonderful educational material. She truly does have a passion for health.” – N.C., A Google User

“Spending time with Dr. Ackerley was a really special experience. I am a Registered nurse who developed some of the illnesses Dr. Ackerley treats. There are only a few Doctors in the country that have the knowledge that she does to evaluate biotoxin illness and offer healing as one of many things she is knowledgeable in. More rare yet, she is a Psychiatrist that is knowledgeable about healing the brain. Simply amazing is what I say. She is in high demand and you will have to wait to get in. But what she will do for you, could make a complete difference where other treatments have failed. Dr. Ackerley is many times a Doctor, and has sought out so many different opportunities to educate in the arts of being a Physician and healer. That comes thru loud and clear. She is passionate about being a Doctor, deep thinking, and very thoughtful and caring. A very special person. It’s a real treat for me to have had the opportunity to speak with her, and have a Doctor that understands these illnesses. As a medical professional it was a very difficult time, when I became ill, and could not find a Doctor who could help me, or understand my illness. Dr. Ackerley deserves top honors for her accomplishments and contribution to medicine. And for the dedication she has had to her profession and the healing of those who seek her help. A Doctors Doctor! A+” – H.C., A Google User

“Dr. Ackerley is the only psychiatrist I found who was willing to help me to gradually taper off clonazepam, the severely addictive benzodiazepine drug that other psychiatrists had prescribed for me for three years. (Benzodiazepines in long-term use are more addictive than heroin, and meant to be only prescribed for a maximum of three weeks.) When I asked the other doctors about gradually tapering off the drug, the only options they gave me were to stay on it indefinitely or quit it outright with no tapering. (Can you imagine a doctor giving either if those advice options for a drug more addictive than heroin?) Dr. Ackerley switched me to diazepam, which is longer lasting and makes tapering easier. Still, it is a process that will take months to complete, and I was on a low dose to begin with. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Ackerley for helping me with this, among many other things she is helping me with. It is well worth the wait for an appointment with her, as she gives 100% to her patients.” – L.W.

“Dr. Mary is a thorough, leading edge practitioner, who puts the well-being of her patients first. So many doctors these days are just going through the motions and staying safely within the paradigm. Dr. Mary is taking the best of allopathic and blending with other modalities for a truly comprehensive approach.” – S.B., A Google User

“I have seen many doctors over the last 20 years and I can sincerely say that she is the best. She diagnosed problems that many other physicians had missed, treated them with hormones, supplements and diet and got me feeling better than I ever had in a very longtime. I feel she saved me from a life of chronic disability and depression, and I am extremely grateful. I would recommend that if other doctors haven’t gotten you feeling well you give her a try. She is well worth waiting for an appointment.” – A Google User

“I want to tell you what a very special experience it was to come and see you. You are very special. You made J. and I feel so validated, encouraged, and truly feeling like we were going to make it through this. Not that I ever doubted that, but you are able to make it happen. Thanks again Dr Mary. You are in my highest regard! J’s husband was so happy with his wife’s experience and the information I returned with. It was a real medical feast. Like going to a medical persons disneyland. It’s so good to have such validation and real help. I’m 55 yrs old. It’s too late for me to go to Medical School. But I want to write several books. One of them would be about special Doctors who have had to go against the medical establishment to make breakthroughs for us in medical treatment. I would definitely want to feature you in this book. Wanted to say, was also enlightened and entertained by your husband. It was a nice experience talking with him while we were not with you. He is passionate about what he has to offer. I really enjoyed that.” – H.C.

“Thank you for all that you do for me. You are the most intuitive, real, genuine, compassionate and brilliant Dr I’ve seen. Thank you for your guidance and support, and for always believing in me.” – R.J.

“I told Dr. _______ if it wasn’t for Dr Mary Ackerley I would not have known about the Hemochomatosis and no other doctor had checked my iron levels. It took a holistic doctor to discover this.” – C.L.

“Hello Dr Ackerley,

I saw you for a depression problem. You had diagnosed me quite correctly with bipolar disorder. I have been treated since 2010 with Lithium and Zyprexa.

I have started a low carb ( ~60 grams/day ), gluten free diet about 7 weeks ago. The results are so far amazing: anxiety much decreased , insomnia resolved, sexual function back to normal not to mention normal energy levels. I am hoping that I will be able to go off my medication in the near future. Our son’s tics which we think had been brought about by his ADHD medication are controlled by the diet.

Keep helping people the way you do!” – M.B.

“Mary and Alex, thanks for practicing medicine ‘on the edge‘ so to speak. You are one of my heroes and role models. Thank you for the contribution you both make to my life, and to the lives of others in our community.” – A.K.

“First off let me say again THANK YOU – for taking such good care of me! As I said to Dr. Mary, I am doing much better at following your protocols and am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! You really are incredibly caring and effective at what you do and I am VERY grateful to be aging gracefully with you showing me the way!” – M.S.

“Hi Dr. Mary and Alex, I want to thank you for your tremendous help. I’ve only been detoxing for three weeks and I already feel a million times better. I thought I had lost myself over a decade ago, but my spirit has reappeared and I feel engaged with the world again. There is much farther to go, but it is already more than I imagined possible.” – E.J.

“Thanks for being a such a concerned and previously unimaginably compassionate physician. It has made all the difference in my unimaginably long struggle against a previously unimaginable foe.”   – G.A.

“Hello Dr Mary, I want to start by saying something that I’ve meant to say to you for a long time: Thank you for saving my life. You gave me back most of my health and that is significant. And, I and everyone who is being treated by you, feels understood and cared for when we meet with you. Thank you for giving me what you do and for being who you are. You are a blessing.” – P.W.

“Alex, I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge, expertise and time. You are helping me help hundreds of people. Bless your heart for what you do. Thank you.” – S.S.

“I deeply thank You Dr. Mary for being there for me, and also thank Alex. Had I not found you and woken up in your office, I cannot imagine how shattered and extinguished a spirit I would’ve ended up as. Thank you for your endless listening, and excellent responses and never making me in the slightest feel bad about myself. I was able to reflect at my own pace and without pre-judged personal interjections. You are solid with your professional and personal boundaries, I love it, you are a natural master at what you do! You have provided a safe place for me to unwind and begin a new journey from my heart soul and spirit so I may begin to manifest… a new life!” – C.C.

“THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! You guys are the BEST in terms of patient relations and understanding — this, on TOP of your expertise.” – C.S.

“Mary! You are a powerful force for healing in our Community and on behalf of everyone in it, THANK You! I know you already know that, but it’s nice to be reminded that our efforts really do make a difference, and yours Do!” – C.G.

“Hi Alex, Thanks you for the session last week. I feel that the shift has been powerful! I am very grateful. I would like to go ahead and schedule the follow up session for next week. I really want to shift this relationship pattern completely!!!” – P.B.

“Thank you again for a fantastic appointment on Wednesday! I felt so validated which was very healing for my spirit.”
– R.M.

“Thanks again for all you do. You have given me my life back.” – K.K.

“Dear Dr. Ackerley, thanks so much for your wonderfully—extraordinarily—thorough, knowledgeable and helpful insights into my medical problems. I’m moving ahead on all the things you suggested.” – A.N.

“It has been a year since we have worked together and the confidence I have in you as a person, your knowledge, guidance and compassion are contributing to my continued success in my mental and physical health. I am deeply thankful for what I call “Universal” direction that pointed me to you. Please utilize my expression of gratitude as a testimony.” – C.F.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to both of you for solving the mystery of my ongoing malaise. You have NO IDEA how many diagnoses I have had from ALL of the doctors I have seen over the past year. And how absolutely useless the treatments, suggestions, and medications were. (MRI’s, PT, CAT scans, anti-biotics). It was suggested that I have my uterus scraped, that I have a surgery to “lift” my bladder, that I see a pain specialist, that I see a neurologist, that I see a nephrologist, that it was my gallbladder, my liver, my everything BUT mold sickness!

I am obviously elated at finally having a diagnosis/solution that has addressed the real issues and that has continued to improve my condition. Progress is slow, yes. But thanks to you both, it is all moving in the right direction. I feel very, very hopeful.” – C.S.

“Dr.Mary, congratulations on your certification through Dr. Shoemaker. Wonderful! You and Alex have been a godsend to me. Thank you again for helping me heal from mold. Without your help I would be still floundering with a mysterious mix of symptoms – instead of enjoying life as I now am.

I appreciate your dedication to enlightening the Tucson community and wider world to the perils of mold illness. Too often we are told it is all in our heads and we are branded as hypochondriacs. What a relief to find a medical doctor who knows otherwise. And has the patience, compassion to help those struggling with the difficult mix of emotions and life changes that come with the mold diagnosis.” – S. F.

“Hi Dr. Mary, I just wanted to let you know that the treatment has made a huge difference in combo with the brain supplements and increased fish oil. I was more able to contribute during my seminars last week, more articulate, less scattered, more able to sit without getting up during lecture, and a better note-taker. People commented that I was a different person. My roommate (who is working mostly with problem teens) said she could see a profound difference in my organization in our shared accommodation, and that I was ready on time every morning! Thank you!” – K.M.

“What I tell people is that between you and Dr. Mary, you have all the tools, and you use them, and they work. You are both as sharp as they come, compassionate, caring, and willing and able to think outside the box to get people the help that they need. I saw that with my husband, that’s why I became your patient, too, and that’s why I continue to recommend you both to others.” – A.G.

“Thanks for your help with my Shingles. It was so much better this time and I got to enjoy our cruise. I really appreciate your help!” – L.G.

“Hey, Alex. It’s Linda. I just wanted to let you know I tried the parsley. I’ve been drinking that yesterday, last evening, this morning, the Smart Silver and the Immuplex and I feel like 80% better. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Well, you saved me from really spiraling down. So anyway, feeling better. Thank you very much and I’m definitely gonna continue on the parsley thing. That’s awesome. Okay. Take care. Have a great day. Bye-bye.” – Linda

“Hi Dr. Mary, thank you to you and Alex for all of your help; I am grateful for God leading me to you.” – L.R.

“Hi Alex, thanks for the Psych-K session. The day after, I had a concrete feeling of being optimistic about the future – no kidding! Today I’m feeling quite like I’m enjoying being in my body and I feel a sense of self-confidence that is really elevating me. Thanks again and I will think about another session in the future.” – J.J.

“I saw my Cardiologist yesterday he said WOW! To my weight loss and low numbers on blood work. He said I was doing the right thing and was pleased I was seeing Dr. Mary. He is taking me off Metoprolol slowly because of side effects. Should be completely off mid November. Benicar cut in half and Crestor down to 5mg. Next appointment is in February and depending on how good my blood work is may take he off Coumidin. Since my plaque came from my Aortic valve he will do a scope to see how clean it is first. Dr. M. said he wishes he could bottle me because I’m doing so well.” – J.G.

“It was a great pleasure meeting with you last Friday and establishing care with you. I cannot describe how it felt after years of suffering, just existing and getting through each miserable day, to finally have a physician actually listen and look at me as an individual patient. A physician to evaluate me on a whole and look at the entire picture. I am very hopeful and optimistic about improving my health, more than I have in quite some time. You are very caring and made me as a patient feel heard and important. Thank you.” – S.C.

“About a week after our last appointment, I began to feel more stable physically & emotionally than I have in years! A positive shift is finally occurring after years of feeling despondent and hopeless. I was sure that I had just about reached the end of my rope, and had exhausted all my treatment options. My heart is swelling with gratitude even as I write this.

I am flummoxed as to why more depressed patients are not treated in this manner. It seems unethical and anti-Hippocratic for any physician to know that this treatment option is out there (however non-conventional they believe it to be), and not mention it while watching their patients continue to suffer using mainstream meds & methods.” – D.M.

“I know I am on the right path. I saw my therapist yesterday, and told her how grateful I was to her for recommending you to me. It seems that in the short time you have been treating me I have found out more about my health and what to do for it.

You seem genuinely concerned for me and I thank you for that. For years I have felt that my doctor wasn’t really listening to me about some things.” – A.G.

“This is probably the most intense productive psychotherapy I feel I have ever been in! So, thank you, I appreciate your service and being very much.” – C.

“Thanks again for today, I left your office feeling very hopeful for the first time in a long time! As we were driving home my husband decided that he would like to see you and Alex for an appointment as well.” – C.B.

“Thank you for all your guidance and info in yesterday’s telephone conference. I was pleased to hear your encouragement at the end! I’ve been awestruck that you are the first psychiatrist with whom I’ve dealt since first being diagnosed with depression 35 years ago who’s ever done the most logical thing on earth: ordered physiological tests!” – K.K.

“The nutritional supplements are making a huge difference in my life. I feel so very blessed that you are helping me. It is also helping my family and somehow raising my consciousness….. I feel that I am in the best place I have ever been to pass it on. I am so grateful that you hung in there with me ….both you and Alex, I know now, that I was significantly depressed and not balanced before. I am grateful that you are such uplifting examples of how to help people, without judging, at a very deep and profound level. Thank you and Bless You for all you do for so many.” – M.K.

“Thank you so much with your help with my shingles condition. I did your recommended apple cider vinegar and green clay of which worked very well in drying the rash and numbing the pain, the colloidal silver was also good topically.

I attended Mary’s lecture with a friend that does not believe in supplements. We both felt the format easy to understand, interesting and humorous. I also especially enjoyed the part about the cat as I have a Maine Coon. I also over heard very positive comments from other attendees.” – E.M.

“The equilib is really good. I am feeling more happy and grounded (not manic) than I have in a long time. The only way to describe it is to say my brain feels relaxed.” – W.F.

“I wanted to share an experience from last night with you. My holiday story to you, thank you. I had been prescribed the highest dose of Cymbalta in January of 2008. I was on the couch most of that month. I was not happy. I think I took that nasty drug for a few months. I do recall that I was stunned by the effect that it had on my libido.

I walked by a news stand and picked up the Natural Awakenings magazine, I read your ‘Amino Acid Therapy …’ and here I am today. I told my former GP about your background and homeopathy and how much you and Alex have done for me. So there you are, I have not been in my GP’s office since probably April of 2008. I think he was impressed, I felt good telling him about my experience.” – N.E.

“Just wanted to report in that I have had 4 nights of fabulous sleep and I feel tons better! Thank you! I so appreciate the time you spent with me. Thank you for making that investment in my health!” – A.R.

“Hi Dr. Mary and Alex, I am feeling GREAT! Thanks U2! I’ve told friends about you both. They can see a difference in me.”
– C.W.

“Thank you SO much for sharing your time, wisdom and caring energy with me today. I have been almost completely pain-free this evening since leaving you and in the past week my pain has been BAD. It was easy to eat dinner and swallow this evening and it doesn’t feel like a strain to speak they way it has been feeling for a week now. I am in your gratitude. Many, MANY blessings to both of you and thank you so much for your help today. It means a great deal to me. I can’t believe how good I feel!!” – Carol

“Hi Dr. Mary: Researching gluten allergy and gluten free diet today online and checking out my regular medications to make sure they are gluten free. Learning a lot and am glad to be freeing myself of these allergens. My husband says my mood is dramatically better. Thanks so much for your help!” – N.B.

“Hi Alex! David is feeling better! He stopped eating wheat and gluten and dairy. He still has cramps sometimes, but much less then before! It’s a big thing! Thank you very much.” – Diana

“Hi Alex and Dr. Mary, Thanks to both of you I can now function normally without depression and almost no anxiety! Bless you 2 for helping me regain my health. Last year I thought I was going to die from depression. I thought I would never feel like myself again. Wow. I tell so many people about you and Dr. Mary! You’re the best!” – C.W.

“Hi Dr. Mary, Thank you for getting back to me so soon. I am doing really well. I don’t know if it’s the Equilib or everything else, but emotionally I am feeling so much better. Physically it’s still up and down but for the most part I am feeling better. I want to thank you guys so much, I’m so excited about how I’m feeling! Thank you again.” – E.M.

“You have saved my life literally. God has blessed me in finding you.” – C.F.

“My son called me after he left you yesterday to thank me for finding you! He was very encouraged and impressed with you and your clinic.” – L.G.

“I have wonderful news. I saw my doctor yesterday and for the first time in about twenty years my White Cell count is back in the normal range. It was 4.3, which was up from a month ago that was 3.4. I just couldn’t believe it when she told me that my count had gone up.” – L.H.

“Thank you! I received everything today. I’ve had noticeably more energy and better mood. Wow! I haven’t really felt a difference in anything that I’ve tried for quite some time. Very cool. I feel like I may pass the plateau after all. Thank you for all your time and everything! I really appreciate it!” – K.O.

“Just a note to say that I’m feeling better every day since I last saw you ~ Yea! 🙂 I do believe the products I got from you are having an impact. I’m enjoying my new job and getting more into the whole adrenal fatigue world ~ very parallel to everything else I’m involved with, that’s for sure.” – M.L.

“I just checked out your blog, very informative and well researched and written. Keep up the good work!” – H.E.

“Thank you both for your kindness and dedication helping me gain ways to become healthier!”

“Since working with Dr. Mary I no longer need my anti-depressant medication, and my mood is wonderful.” – N.E.

“With Mary’s program…I now do exactly what is right for MY body and I feel fabulous!” – A.F.

“I cannot say enough positive things about her services and highly recommend her to anyone seeking sound nutritional and supplemental advice.” – A.F.

“Mary has guided me with state of the art testing and given me a complete guide for health that has helped me function in a way I have never felt before.” – A.F.

“Dr. Mary has the knowledge and expertise to help me and my children. She is insightful, thorough and professional.”
– A.F.

“With Mary’s guidance I have the tools to cleanse, supplement, and maintain my family’s health. Now we ALL operate at an optimal performance level and are very grateful.” – A.F.

“I wanted to thank you for a spectacular session today. Your work is wonderful and extraordinary.” – N.S.

“For the first time in a long while, I feel hopeful about my health.” – N.S.

“Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom with me, I look forward to more.” – S.B.

“I’m really feeling a shift. My husband called you for an appointment yesterday. He likes so much what is going on with my health that he wants to feel better, as I do.” – M.K.

“Yes I feel lighter! I fluctuate with my weight but conservatively speaking it looks like I have lost albs.” – C.J.

“I have had the good fortune to work with Mary and Alex over the past several years. I cannot say enough positive things about their knowledge and services and highly recommend them to anyone seeking sound nutritional and supplemental advice. As a high school English teacher, yoga instructor, dancer, member of several boards and, most importantly, mother of two active children ages 11 and 15, it is absolutely necessary that I operate at an optimal level. Mary and Alex have guided me with state of the art testing and given me a complete guide for health and wellness by providing the products that help me function in a way I have never felt before. Previously, I have tried many products with a variety of results. I had always felt a bit unsatisfied. With Mary and Alex’s program, I have received a preciseness that translates into the best practices and supplements for me as an individual. That is, I now do and take exactly what is right for MY body and I feel fabulous! My children, who are both training at a professional level (classical ballet training over 25 hours a week in addition to their regular schooling), are taking supplements with Mary and Alex’s guidance as well. They look vibrant and feel in absolutely top notch shape. They are never sick, strained or run down and on the contrary, are regularly approached by others as to the secret of their energy and vitality. Professionals world wide have commented on their performance and presentation. As a health practitioner, myself, it is my goal to help educate others as well. Mary and Alex have the knowledge and expertise to help not only me, but my children and many others. They are insightful, thorough and professional. With their guidance, I have had the tools to cleanse, detox, supplement and maintain my family’s bodies and we are ALL operating at an optimal performance level. And…..we are all very grateful.” – Angie F.

“Mary Ackerley MD, MD(H), ABIHM and Alexander Casler NC, LPT, QRA certified, are an extraordinary team. They have a vast foundation of knowledge and a wide range of skills that include solid medical training, nutrition, homeopathy, electromedicine, and cutting-edge holistic technologies. Mary and Alex are compassionate. They understand the importance of spending quality time with their clients so that the root causes of health problems can be discovered. And they empower their clients to be involved in their own wellness protocols, by clearly communicating how the body works and what needs to be done.

I highly recommend Dr. Ackerley and Mr. Casler. Their expertise has been invaluable to me, both personally and professionally.”

– Nenah Sylver, PhD
Author, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy, with a Holistic Health Primer and The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy

“Dr. Mary, Thank you so much for your thought, time, and care that went into your extraordinary letters on my behalf. Saying thank you does not do justice to how fortunate I feel to have you as my doctor and in my corner during this most difficult period. You and Suzy have made a real difference for me – your brilliance, guidance, compassion, and understanding, and in making time for me and to help me navigate the disability quagmire. For all you do, thank your from the bottom of my heart.” – M.B.

“Dear Dr. Ackerley, Thank you so much for referring me to Dr. R. I have been alone in constant insurmountable pain and seeing her yesterday brought some degree of peace, as did speaking with you. I am feeling positive about enacting the recommendations, including taking disability leave to finally get well. Your expertise and genuine insight was a turning point in getting me on track, I can never thank you enough. All the best wishes to you always.” – L.G.

“Dear Dr. Mary, I got SSI! I am beyond grateful to you for all the support and care you have given me. Thank you for your thoughtful counsel and encouragement about these matters. I feel very blessed for so many reasons to be your patient.” – G.

I highly recommend Dr. Mary, I have never known a more competent doctor! I have worked with several doctors over several years to understand what is happening to me. Dr. Mary was able to answer questions I have had since I was young. I have worked with highly regarded doctors (including Mayo Clinic) that all missed the multiple comprehensive diagnoses that Dr. Mary was quickly able to discern and prove with objective evidence (data). I am extremely happy to have been recommended Dr. Mary, without her extreme competence I would still be suffering without any idea of why my health declined so much. I know I have a long road to possible recovery, but I am very confident in Dr. Mary’s abilities. I am so thankful for all of her help in understanding my diagnoses and helping me improve my health.

Thanks for talking with me about earthing a while back. At the time, my mold and chemical  infused brain couldn’t imagine going barefoot (cacti, snakes and scorpions immediately came to mind).  Nor could I make any sense of the concept.

Having moved just a few weeks ago, I am stunned at the recovery.  Wish I had done this a while ago!!!  Anyway, thinking more clearly, I read about the subject and invested in an earthing sheet.  My goodness, you sure weren’t kidding, were you?  I use it when I can fight my dogs for some space on it.  Now that I am up here, everything I do is starting to work really well.  This is very exciting.

Anyway, thanks again,” – J.T.

“Dear Dr. Mary, All I can say is WOW! I feel so clear minded and energetic this afternoon. It is truly a wonderful relief! What an understatement! Amazing.” – C.C.

“I really like Dr. Ackerley! She’s super-sharp, compassionate, and actually listens when you speak. While her focus is on treating chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) and ME/CFS, she’s also willing to consider and bring in other types of treatments if a certain approach isn’t working. I’m a super-sensitive person who the “normal stuff” often doesn’t work for. Dr. A has been better able to troubleshoot when things aren’t working compared with most other docs and specialists I’ve worked with.

Another thing I love about Dr. A is she’s collaborative. I’ve been working with doctors on my chronic illness for the past 25 years. I know quite a bit, I research a lot, I’m very curious, and I’m proactive in my health. Instead of being threatened or annoyed by this, Dr. A graciously listens to my ideas and is often willing to try them if they sound like a good idea to her. And, if they don’t, she’s able to explain why (I love knowing why and learning!).

I appreciate that she’s trained in traditional Western medicine and also has a good understanding of alternative medicine. I feel like this gives her a wide array of tools in her toolbox that we, as her patients, get to benefit from. If one treatment isn’t working, she’s ready to try something else. I also really appreciate that, while her background is in classical psychiatry, she has a deep understanding of how physiological imbalances can be causing problems that present as mood disorders. For a really great explanation of how chronic inflammation causes “mood disorders” check out her “Brain on Fire” article on her website.

She prescribed sleep meds that actually work and are covered by my insurance, which feels like a small miracle after struggling with horrible insomnia for decades and trying most every sleep remedy on the market.

And, although she doesn’t take insurance that I know of, her rates are very reasonable compared to many of her peers.

She also has been a very supportive, understanding advocate during the ups and downs of my disability process. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Bottom line: Dr. A is a very intelligent, compassionate doctor and person. She doesn’t let her ego get in the way. Her focus is on solving problems and helping her clients get better, not being right. That’s a rare thing to find in the medical community these days.” – R.P.

“I wanted to let you know I officially was awarded Social Security & I now have Medicare too. I also want to thank you again for the great letter you wrote on my behalf. Many thanks! ”   – S.C.

“I’d like to complement your choice of Suzy as your assistant! She’s Caring, Helpful, Professional, & genuinely a kind Lady! And All of the Wonderful information & networking you’ve had set up for your patients! Having these conditions & the traditional medical community only able to offer “It’s clear from your imaging you are in severe pain but unclear on how to treat you. Keep being your own advocate & find a doctor who can help you.” Has left me in constant agony not knowing what to do about it is frightening, isolating, & at times hopeless. Your tools change All that! Knowing I will be cared for by You gives me renewed Hope for one day Getting My Life Back! What a gift!!!”   – K.M.

“Congratulations (on winning the Paradigm Change Medical Practitioners Poll for 2018) Dr Mary!! I sing your praises on a regular basis for your efforts in staying ahead of this illness and giving me a chance at a life again! Thank you!!”   – Don

“Love the combination of physical and the connection of mental to physical that helps heal the whole person. She makes sure to get the full picture no matter how long it takes. I’ve also never seen any physician get what each issue is and how it connects or how it goes with other issues (and even benefits) and exactly how much pain/inconvenience that really means for everyday life – never seen so much understanding WITH even more compassion – then there are more solutions than anywhere – no bandaide solutions – if there are, they are there just to help you make it to the solution. She also found the reasons of 6-12 really difficult to diagnose areas that finally led to relief and better health- not just there to label, but to get solutions and get to functional or help in functioning. She also respects and takes in information! -rare – She goes off anything that has results without going on rumors, but proof. Love sounding things off and getting better where other functional practitioners, specialists, and even family gave up on us – either as faking it or not curable.”

“These past few years in high school have been some of the best in my life. This has all been thanks to your kind advise and your amazing help in aiding my treatment. Now, I am about to head to college, and I wanted to express my gratitude to you. Further, your unique approach to treatment has opened my mind to the world of alternative medicine. Who knows? My interest in biology may prompt me to go down that path!”   – N.M.

“The appointment with Dr. Ackerley gave me the validation, support, and hope that I really needed. I feel very grateful and fortunate that I have the opportunity to be her patient.” M.S.P.

“Your office is a blessing and I pray every day for all of you and I am so blessed to have Dr. Ackerley as one of my physicians. Thank you all for everything.” T.B.

“It’s been awhile but I wanted you to know that I watched you on the Toxic Mold Masterclass Summit today and thought your presentation was excellent!

Thank you for being so awesome – for your dedication (especially to this issue) and for sharing your wisdom + knowledge.

In deep gratitude, ” – J.P.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help, guidance, and support. Yesterday’s session was incredibly healing and validating. I feel so seen and understood, and that means the world to me. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and that I am under your care. Warmly,” – M.P.

“Your consult back in May has proven critical for me getting the right diagnosis and I wanted to say thank you.” – B.H.

“Thank you Dr. Mary for my appointment today.

It felt so good to connect with you and feel your care for me. I felt like it had a little vitality for the first time in a month after our appointment even though I had woken more often than every hour during the previous two nights with no naps.

I so much appreciate your honesty, openness, and caring.” – T.W.

“Dear Dr. Mary, I just listened to your videos – they are great.  Circulating.  Thank you so much for who you are, what you do for your patients, for your compassion and brilliance.” – G.G.

“Hi, Dr. Ackerley – Just a quick one of thanks – Just watched introductory info on Primal Trust & I’m astounded by your intuition about my childhood.  Yep, we were isolated & things were violent & out of control, daily.  Dad terrorized us & Mom, the other adult, allowed it.  Hypervigilance, chronic stress, perpetual fight/flight, yes indeed. So much gratitude for your insight & perception!  I’ll pursue this angle!  Thank you!” – B.G.