Greetings from Mary and Alex in Tucson!

Nice to meet everyone yesterday at Cielo and Wietse’s Thanksgiving gathering. Our personal thanks to them for a lovely time. We all agree we have a common interest in learning about health and sharing that knowledge with friends and family. This was evident by the intense focus we generated yesterday.

Our interest in natural health stems from experiencing a variety of different illnesses of our own over the years, and the desire to be of assistance. We decided to educate ourselves so we could lead a more fulfilling life, preferring a natural and self-empowering path of healing.

Mary and I subscribe to the idea that in order for us to be of service to others we want to energize ourselves. This involves a commitment to exploring different methods of healing and rejuvenation, including detoxification and nutritional support of the body.

Our goal is providing information that allows us to make sensible choices. Defining the operating system of the body in clear language is one of the first steps. If we have a nagging health concern it is good to address the symptoms and then find ways towards wellness. We are all unique and our individual needs vary. We realize that each of us will make our own decisions about the path we choose to take.

We prefer a natural organic foundation for taking health into our own hands, which includes things like nutrition and pH balancing. We’d like to offer information and guidance for those striving to regain vitality and rejuvenation, together with wholesome products at reasonable prices. Our goal is for all of us to achieve the health and vigor we desire to accomplish our purpose here at this time.

With methods like the clay packs, we have found useful approaches for unlocking unresolved health issues. It is a compromise living on Earth, and must learn to make the best of what is here. Like you we are on a journey. While not pretending to have all the answers, we intend to bring through what we can.

We will expand on the technique we presented in Phoenix, and would like to share this with others in small group settings. The clay packs allow for the unblocking of energy meridians in the hands and feet (also know as the download sites). Eventually more of this information will be available at the website so that everyone can benefit.

Should anyone have questions please feel free to ask. The purpose of this small group of friends is sharing our thoughts and experiences, and regaining optimum health. None of these suggestions are set in stone. We encourage everyone to have an open mind, approaching the information in the spirit of self experimentation, and the joy of personal growth and learning!

Helio Hugs,

Mary MD & Alexander