A few years ago Mary’s sister gave us a Vitamix food processor for Christmas. We use it every day to make nutritious and delicious drinks. Lately our passion is for a parsley green drink that in our opinion surpasses the almighty wheat grass juice. It tastes better, is highly nutritious, and is easy and economical to make.

Parsley is convenient to grow in a home garden or to buy at the local health food store. Growing wheat grass is not as simple a task. It is labor intensive and a number of little things can go wrong. Also parsley is a bargain whereas a small shot of wheat grass juice can go for as much as $4. Taste is a subjective matter. But to me the taste of wheat grass is sickly sweet with an overhanging pungent tang. It isn’t something I look forward too. Wheat grass also requires specialized equipment to produce and lacks a fundamental ingredient, which is the fiber.

Many health enthusiasts tout the purity and benefits of drinking pure juice extracts but I disagree. Fiber is the active principle in the detoxification of tissues-not the juice. Juice by itself does act to stir up toxins in the body, but then it merely redistributes them to be deposited elsewhere. The phytonutrients in fiber are what bind toxins so they can no longer be harmful and are the key to detoxification. Studies show that fiber is connected to preventing cancer.

The beauty of the Vitamix blender is that it ‘juices’ fresh foods without isolating and removing the fibrous substances that are needed to enhance health. The fiber is reduced to tiny particles. Even though parsley’s stalk and leaves are included, a smooth drink is produced that supplies the added health benefit of the fiber.

Green drinks are well known for promoting health. They have had miraculous benefits for reversing serious ailments. Currently health bars are serving a ‘manna’ elixir that boosts energy and has a reputation for enhancing longevity and vitality. However a one ounce shot can be pricey. It’s basically a liquefied form of green chlorella.

Our Vitamix parsley drink is a blend somewhere between liquid manna and wheat grass juice. It can be made at a fraction of the cost, with greater convenience, and with a nice texture and flavor. Here is the recipe.

Put in Vitamix blender:
One large handful fresh Parsley
Two dozen Chlorella tablets
½ tsp. pure organic olive oil
Small pinch of Hawaiian Pink Salt

Add one cup of cool water and one cup of ice. Blend at high speed until liquefied. [Note-The ice is needed to keep the ingredients at a cool temperature since the Vitamix is a two horsepower motor that runs at high speed]. This powerful blending action allows for the fiber to be reduced to small particles.

Parsley is very high in Iron and Vitamin C and a rich source of many minerals. It can help with the urinary tract, gallstones, enlarged spleen and liver conditions. It is great for rejuvenation and detoxification. [Caution should be used when there is a kidney condition as it is aggressive in moving toxins]. It is said to benefit the pancreas in conditions such as diabetes.

The Vitamix is a pricey appliance but they last for years and are indispensable for the health enthusiast. Recently we purchased a second one being offered through our local health food store. It was never used and the price greatly reduced. So look around. Often they can be found at bargain prices. In the future other useful ways to use the Vitamix will be shared including a nutritious almond milk drink, a simple citrus detox recipe, and a tasty mini flush.

All of these drinks are a step toward becoming liquifarian. They are energizers and detoxifiers, delivering minerals easily and in tasty ways. At some point it would be nice if we could find additional ways to energize our bodies with simple nutritious foods and using fewer supplements. We believe this a move in that direction.