Here are a couple of quotes we came across this week on parasites. Others agree that it is a hidden epidemic…

“Most individuals would be truly amazed if they knew the extraordinarily high number of Americans who are unknowingly infected by parasites.”
– Dr. Hermann R. Bueno, Specialist in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

“In terms of numbers there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa.” 
– Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases of the National Institute of Health.

Recently we recommended that a client, after QRA testing, go on a parasite cleanse. Seven days after starting an herbal combination for parasites she passed a stool “unlike anything she had seen before”. Then her menses, after two years of excessive bleeding, completely returned to normal. She also has noticed that she is much less hungry after awakening and has begun to lose weight.

Really you do not want to be eating for two! And many chronic health conditions, including some that you would never suspect like depression and eating disorders, can clear after a successful parasite cleanse.