Putting people on the right track through nutrition is one of the goals of My Passion 4 Health. Of utmost value to just about everyone is the daily need for Omega-3 fatty acids. Although this information has been known for some time we still find people who are unaware of the necessity of this supplement. Since the Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids it is something we need on a daily basis.

Research shows that Omega-3 has a number of valuable benefits.

Inflammation Anytime we suffer from any condition that ends in “itis” such as cystitis or arthritis this oil will help to regulate and reduce the inflammation cycle. The use of fish oil can have a significant impact on the pain of inflammation. And here are some other benefits.

Cardiovascular Health Omega-3 fatty acids are proven to lower cholesterol and protect the arteries and veins. These fatty acids also prevent strokes and heart attacks by breaking up blood clots before they can do any damage.

Brain Function is enhanced by improving memory, recall, thought process and mental focus. There is a direct affect on depression and mood including the extremes of bipolar conditions. Studies have shown that attention deficit symptoms in children and adults are greatly improved. Omega-3’s are especially beneficial to pregnant mothers and have an impact on the baby’s intelligence and happiness.

Cancer Prevention Finally Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to prevent three of the most common types of cancer, namely breast, colon and prostate. Science has shown these fatty acids are able to inhibit unwanted cellular growth. The really important thing is your body cannot make these fatty acids on its own.

Fish, fish oil, flax seeds and pumpkin seed oil are all good sources of fatty acids. Cod liver oil is a convenient source and contains Vitamin D as well as the Omega-3 fatty acids EFA and DHA. Vitamin D is required for proper calcium utilization. We prefer to use the fresh ground flax seed meal as a source over the flax seed oil. The flax oil is unstable and easily becomes rancid. Also the ground flax is a good source of fiber. Given the remarkable benefits of Omega-3’s, if you are not taking them daily, the only question is why not?