Poor digestion is one of the most common and least understood precursors to disease. Feelings of tiredness or discomfort after a meal often signals impaired digestion. Other signs are avoiding or reacting to certain foods, acid reflux, or bloating and gas.

Why does this matter? Slowly over time the body is being deprived of nutrients from excluding needed foods or from insufficient absorption. Shortfalls in nutrition and incomplete assimilation can contribute to a broad spectrum of ailments. A simple remedy for this and a key foundation of health is to maintain a balance of friendly bacteria. The inclusion of probiotics can restore balance to the intestinal flora and remediate our health.

After listening to a presentation by a gastroenterologist who treats ulcers, diverticulitis, candida overgrowth and other intestinal issues, we were impressed by his research. He considers skin conditions, including acne, eruptions around the stomach, eczema, and toenail fungus as related to disturbances of the intestinal flora which creates a weakened immune system.

By administering a specific type of probiotic called Lactobacillus Sporogenes to 450 patients he remedied all the symptoms of half this group in just 30 days, while 40 percent had at least partial restoration. He had tested this particular strain against other types of probiotics and felt it served him the best. He found the Sporogenes lactobacilli proliferated readily, survived stomach acid, and required no refrigeration. Best of all they gave measurable results in a cost effective and timely manner. We have found good results using this product too, and recommend it when needed.

[In the future we will reveal how traumas and scars can sedate the stomach, or other organs, making digestion and absorption difficult. The Germans have been studying this phenomenom for over 80 years. Quantum Reflex Analysis can determine whether these traumas are affecting an organ or adversely impacting its functionality. Fortunately there is an effective way to remediate traumatic reflex arcs using clay packs and the results can have a dramatic effect leading to a greatly decreased need for nutritional remedies]