Over the last few months we noticed a steady deterioration of our elder feline Kitty-Kha. She was losing weight, vomiting occasionally and spending more time hidden away during the day. We attributed this to aging and the winter blues.

Last week she suddenly stopped eating and grooming herself. Her decline was so rapid and dramatic that we put her name in a prayer group and carted her off to the vet. Thankfully we were told she would live. She is hyperthyroid, a condition we learned is on the rise. The vet suggested giving her drugs but cautioned they might cause some reactions.

We decided to do some Quantum Reflex surrogate testing which showed Kha needed supplementation. Prolamine is iodine bound to amino acids and Thytrophin is protomorphogenic thyroid extract with thyroxin removed. (Medical thinking today says a hyperthyroid candidate should avoid iodine but there is new understanding that re-evaluates this theory).

Wow! The improvement she experienced was just short of miraculous. She started the supplements on a Friday and by Monday she was up and about, asking for second helpings of food, and grooming herself normally again.

This is a positive step toward integrating natural and conventional medicine. The blood test guided us with diagnosis, QRA surrogate testing matched the nutrients with her needs, and natural products offered a good alternative to the drug treatment. (We also believe the prayer group helped).

This is an example of how Quantum Reflex Analysis can be applied as a helper in our daily lives. Surrogate testing for animals and quantum healing is part of what we offer in our workshops and is something that benefits family, friends, and our pets too. 