Last weekend we attended a conference on the subject of Lyme Induced Autism. Sponsoring the conference were mothers of children with autism who have been heroically trying their best to help their kids. Many have spent their savings and some have had to sell their homes to cover the medical bills.

We discovered that there is a direct link between Lyme and Autism as revealed by Dietrich Klinghardt who is one of the foremost doctors in this field. He says that 72% of his autistic patients have also tested positive for Lyme Disease. Other researchers have found a 30% prevalence of Lyme in their patient populations. Shockingly Klinghardt notes that the exponential rise in autism over the last 30 years indicates that many more children born in the USA by the year 2020 will have autism or Lyme Disease.
Lyme is difficult to manage for many reasons. The Lyme micro-organism is very stealthy because it changes form by mutating and combining with molds and viruses making it difficult to treat. Lyme Disease is no longer just transmitted by ticks- it is transmitted by the mother too, and that is turning out to be a important etiological factor. Often entire families test positive for Lyme. Many people are infected with Lyme and but will not show any symptoms. And testing for Lyme is not straightforward. A positive test means you have it but a negative test does not rule it out. The best lab to use is Igenix.
New information shows that EMF’s from cell towers and WiFi signals irritate the Lyme and other microbes and drive them to form thicker defensive envelopes called biofilms. This makes them far more difficult to eradicate. Besides helping the toxic bugs to reinforce themselves, molds in the air mutate with the pathogens and exacerbate the problem by increasing the total body burden of pathogens-thus creating far more stress on the immune system.
Since Lyme and autism are really a confluence of events in a toxic storm there are other factors that make this such an insidious condition. A key piece of information in Lyme induced autism is the use of biotech pesticides. Autism first appeared in the population in 1942 just after the introduction of the Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) spores as a pesticide in Europe. This spore was sprayed on plants-then eaten by insects. A special amino acid generated by the BT spore, called a crystalline protein (CRY Protein), chews up the digestive tract of the pest and kills it. Well guess what? That same CRY protein has gotten into the digestive systems of people too! The biggest problem that many autistic kids have is with their digestive tracts which is the command center for the immune system. This doesn’t help them fight Lyme or other microbes, nor are they able to assimilate nutrients needed to sustain their bodies.
The mother of a child with autism discovered the BT spore connection and is South American. She decided to research the effects of genetically modified (GMO) foods on SA populations. Medical records for autism are not kept in SA but the use of drugs is well recorded. She found that the use of Ritalin was prevalent in the two countries that had introduced GMO foods in their diet. Argentina and Brazil had substantially higher usage of Ritalin. (GMO crops are now shown to be death food and banned in Europe. Laboratory rats refuse to eat GMO tomatoes. So they are injected with the tomato juice and die from it. Offspring from GMO foods fed to rodent parents are malformed and stunted-and this is in the first generation. GMO foods actually twist our genes).
The next hurdle is the prevalence in our body tissues of heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium. A few weeks ago the NY Times had a front page story about the showering of mercury from the skies on the USA generated from coal burning energy plants in China. We are living under a mercury rain. A couple of months ago 12 condors were treated for heavy metal poisoning in California. They are at the top of the food chain. White blood cells will not approach heavy metals in our bodies. Pathogens understand this so they will take up residence wherever the heavy metals are found. This is why treating an infection is difficult unless the heavy metal load is also addressed. The pathogens use heavy metals as a shield and easily avoid the immune system response.
Many of us are aware of the questionable contents found in vaccinations, but it bears mentioning again. They are a source of heavy metals, chemicals like formaldehyde, and harmful mycoplasma. Often the onset of autism is precipitated shortly following a vaccination. Although many believe that mercury directly causes autism it seems more accurate to say, from the data presented at this conference, that vaccines are “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”. There are children with autism that have not been vaccinated. However some of them still show toxic mercury loads (together with hidden infections) that are often passed through by the mother.
Needless to say treating Lyme and Autism is complicated. There are many different approaches. Pioneers like Dr Klinghardt advocate eradication of the bugs and removal of the heavy metal burden as a first line of treatment. The total body burden needs to be lowered by removing mold spores from the house and clearing out the electrosmog. He recommends the use of a bed canopy Faraday cage made from silver mesh to protect children from EMF’s, and for parents who are trying to conceive. He advocates the ingestion of clay to remove the BT crystalline proteins from the gut lining and adsorb the toxic byproducts of the infection. He examines the child for parasites and chelates the heavy metals. He also likes ozonated castor oil and eating organic foods. The kids with autism have compromised digestion and cannot assimilate nutrients. Even prematurely providing them with glutathione, vitamin A and C (to help repair the digestive tract) should be handled carefully until the microbial infection is addressed first, because the pathogens are able to use glutathione and vitamins to strengthen their own shields. So it is complex.
Trying to compress a four day conference into a single blog piece is a bit daunting . We think this information serves us all to know that these environmental forces are very real and will adversely affect our loved ones if we do not educate ourselves and take appropriate measures to protect our health. It is comforting to know that many of the things we value for maintaining health have been confirmed by the eminent Dr Klinghardt.
Americans are not getting healthier–in fact it is just the opposite. We can reduce our total body burden of heavy metals and toxic residue by using natural safe remedies. We believe that there are simple ways to clear heavy metals and eradicate pathogens-the two main things affecting the total body burden. Two things we can do to stop the infections and remove the metals are using a zeolite detoxifier and nano silver for eradicating pathogens.
ACZ micronized Zeolites are small tetrahedral cage like minerals that grab chemicals, free radicals and heavy metals through a magnetic cationic process. These are rendered harmless in the zeolite cage and removed from the body in 5-7 hours. ACS nano Silver kills many pathogens including staph, fungus, molds and viruses. Both of these products are tested and proven safe by the FDA and address the two primary concerns of our times-the total body burden of microbial infections and the free radical damage from heavy metals and environmental toxins. The Zeolite and Silver come in sprays that are convenient and easy to use. We are now recommending these to our patients.
At the conference there was a hyperbaric chamber being sold to increase oxygen in the tissues. It was expensive, bulky and cumbersome. We believe that the Bemer 3000 we advocate is the most economical and effective way to increase oxygen in the body. It is small, light weight, and portable. It is a fully tested and certified medical device in Europe and currently under FDA review in the US. A simple eight minute treatment increases blood oxygen levels by 17%-or the same amount gained by a 20 minute walk. This short convenient treatment provides more oxygen than 2 hours stuffed into a hyperbaric chamber at a fraction of the cost.
Lastly we have been offering our patients a small EMF protector that can be used on cell phones and electronic equipment in the home such as computers, wireless phones, TV’s and WiFi Routers . Using our quantum system of bio-field testing we have shown that these devices not only block the harmful radiation but also make the human energy field stronger. Not all EMF protectors are the same. We recently tested a person who was wearing a $300 EMF protector pendant and we found it actually made her biofield weaker! Needless to say she was not happy about that.
Sorry about the length of our blog piece but we feel it important enough to say as much as we can about this information and to get it out there. There is much more that can be said about Lyme and Autism. To learn more please visit and
PS: Another tidbit provided by Dr Klinghardt is that there is quite a bit of clinical evidence conducted in Germany that one cause of schizophrenia, bi-polar depression and anxiety attacks is directly linked to the Borna Virus. This virus, originally found in horses, is transmitted to humans and has been found in the serum of bipolar manic patients. The Germans have had great success when eradicating the virus and supplementing the patient with methyl B-vitamins (something we covered last month) and some other things. Here again the Nano Silver microbial/viral killer and the micronized Zeolite detoxifier might be considered.