Mary and I just returned from a conference on healing sponsored by the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers which is an international healing order. This is a sovereign ecclesiastical and medical nation dedicated to the availability of natural medicine for the poor and recognized by the United Nations. Attending the conference and giving presentations were medical pioneers known as Knights Hospitallars.
We witnessed a dramatic presentation by Dr Pinto from Ecuador on the use of Impletol in radical healing. Impletol is injected into injury sites and creates rapid spontaneous healing. A conference attendee had severely damaged her shoulder in a car accident. She had three operations but was barely able to raise her arm and was considering a fourth operation. Barely ten minutes after injecting the Impletol she regained much more freedom and functionality in the shoulder. The next day she told me she had the best sleep in years, was pain free, and could now raise her arm straight up over her head!
Another speaker, Dr Simoncini from Italy, is pioneering the use of sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of cancer. The problem with conventional treatment is that cutting out tumors enables the microscopic roots of the cancer to remain in the tissues and chemotherapy destroys the immune system. This he explained is why cancer may ultimately return. Dr Simoncini injects sodium bicarbonate into the tumor and neutralizes the harmful cancer envelope which is highly acidic. Alkalization is what destroys the cancer cells.
More than one doctor presenting at the conference brought awareness to conventional medicine’s lack of attention to the thyroid gland as a source of various ailments. Using extensive research data, Dr Mark Starr of Scottsdale showed that many problems we face today including obesity, heart conditions, diabetes, and mood disorders, can be treated by simply paying more attention to the thyroid gland and supporting it with nutrition.
Another medical Knight, Dr Jerry Tennant, gave a presentation on the application of micro volts to the body in healing – known as electrotherapy. He showed that salamanders can rebuild themselves after losing limbs. First the salamander creates stem cells over the wound. Dr. Tennant demonstrated that stem cell growth is initiated by increases in microvoltage. This stimulates the mitochondria, cell growth and the healing process.
Dr Tennant correlated tissue voltage with body pH levels. If our tissue is lacking sufficient voltage it has an acidic pH. This promotes disease. A higher voltage (or pH) in the body indicates health. Dr Tennant is a bit of a wizard. Using a device he patented called a Biomodulator he is able to raise the voltage in the body. He helped a child who drowned in a pool and suffered global brain damage. The boy remained in a vegetative state and was known as the ‘gingerbread man’ because his body was so stiff. Dr Tennant showed that the child had dropped his total body voltage causing his low level of functionality and brain damaged state. Dr Tennant boosted the boy’s voltage and brought him back onto the road of recovery.
He used the same electrotherapy on another near-drowned patient with equally dramatic results. (please see )
He also demonstrated a technique to realign the sphenoid bone in the skull. The sphenoid is the central keystone of the skull and runs behind the eyes in the temple region. Moving the sphenoid moves all other parts of the head, affecting the central nervous system, cranial sacral fluid and more importantly the generation of micro current. Movement by expansion and contraction of the cranial sutures is what generates electricity in the body. This is the key to maintaining proper alkalinity that supports all bodily functions.
The sphenoid bone can get jammed from accidents. TMJ is directly related to a stuck sphenoid bone. A locked up cranial suture prevents the necessary expansion and contraction cycle thus decreasing the production of micro current which is so essential to our health. Similarly, incorrect body posture and alignment, back pain, shoulder and knee pain are directly influenced by the correct positioning of the sphenoid bone and its ability to ‘breathe’. Dr Tennant demonstrated that by creating a small electrical impulse on each side of the neck the sphenoid bone can be moved back into correct position by releasing the tension that locks it down. This is truly a great discovery.
What we learned was that we can heal the body in a variety of ways – some less conventional than others. We were exposed to a capable body of physicians dedicated to natural healing who are reaching out to share their wisdom and new discoveries. This is for the benefit of fellow practitioners, assisting the poor, and making the world a better place for all of us to enjoy. We gained so much by listening and meeting with the speakers and sharing with fellow healers. Meeting Dr Tennant was a special highlight of the conference. He is a humanitarian and progressive scientist and exemplifies the spirit of brotherhood.