We have been fairly busy lately and spending a fair amount of time away from home. As you may know we have been traveling and attending a few seminars and conferences on health and gaining new insights along the way.
Recently Pookie, the youngest feline member of our family, started to show signs of distress – possibly related to our departures. She developed oversensitivity to simple things like slight movements which would make her jumpy. She viewed the fringes on the edge of rugs and bedspreads as threatening and approached them with unusual caution. The change in her behavior was odd since these were the same things she has been around for years. Because of the timing we were assuming it was related to our recent travel. Sensing her feelings of dislocation, anxiety and unease we decided to look for an appropriate homeopathic remedy for these indications.
Mary felt that the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla would be a good match for her symptoms because she was irritable, whining, and didn’t want to be touched. Next we pondered-What would be a suitable way to put the little milk sugar pellet into her tiny mouth? At first we gave her some space. Then Mary telepathed a message to her, and placed a single pellet out on the couch. Pookie then came strutting over and began to sniff and lick at the pellet. It was quite a sight! At that point the remedy took hold and she relaxed. She no longer exhibits apprehension at the sight of rugs and bedding and her demeanor is much calmer now.
We have also been giving the remedy Rhus Tox to our older cat Ka. She can be seen hobbling about with hip stiffness. The Rhus Tox is helpful and brings her relief. Shortly after receiving a dose she allows her hips to be touched and walks without her usual limp. The results usually last several days. Repeating it is effective and certainly easier than a trip to the vet for a shot.
Homeopathic remedies often act very quickly. This spring, Mary’s cousin Claire came to visit with her young ones in tow. As they departed the smallest member, Thomas, was determined to become the family driver and tried to commandeer the van. Upset that he could not be honored with this duty he erupted into a tearful rage.
I immediately jumped into action, ran back into the house, and gathered up my trusty Rescue Remedy flower essence. I had Claire spray a small amount of the remedy on the back of her hand and then gently wipe it under Thomas’ little chin. The shift was dramatic. He stopped wailing and crying and looked around as if he could not remember the reason for his fit. Of course Claire was happy to have the resulting peace of mind too.
Homeopathy is particularly effective for animals and children, and is not toxic. No harm is done in acute situations if the remedy or dosage is the wrong match. We feel there is a valuable place for homeopathy in the home for anyone that gravitates toward energy medicine and natural healing.