Some friends of ours have been raving about the health benefits of drinking ionized water with an alkaline pH. We did a little pH test on our own reverse osmosis filtered drinking water. Lo and behold we found that the pH tested at an acidic level of 6.09! The tap water fared much better coming in at a more acceptable 7.8- just above neutral levels of acidity. The lesson to be learned is that we can never be too sure of what steps we are taking to enhance our health nor can we be too healthy.

Here is an interesting little tidbit. Russian researchers conducting tests on the effects of water consumption and health did a comparison study between highly charged ionized water and regular tap water. First they exposed some test subjects (mice) to high levels of radiation. Following the radiation exposure 96% of the mice that drank the tap water died. On the other hand 90% of the mice served the charged alkaline water lived. What a difference a little healthier water can make!

We often hear messages to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water but it’s not necessarily enough to just drink more water. The pH and mineral quality of the water needs to be considered too. Although slightly controversial there is a fast and simple way to increase water alkalinity. Simply add a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda to a quart of your regular drinking water. This simple act raised our reverse osmosis drinking water from a pH of 6.09 to 8.20. Not bad for such a low tech method.

We use Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda which is available in our local natural food store mainly because it is aluminum free. For those concerned about sodium it has 270mgs per 1/4 teaspoon which is 11% of the RDA. The amount of sodium is negligible unless one is on a sodium restrictive diet. The bicarbonates on the other hand are beneficial for digestion. Bicarbonates are made by the pancreas to facilitate digestion and are often depleted by poor diet and aging. The baking soda may be reducing the burden on the pancreas.

Drinking acidic water is certainly not health promoting. Here are some of the advantages from ionized and alkaline water that we have experienced in a short period of time and is why we would consider including it in any detoxification or weight loss program: Diminished cravings. More restful sleep. Improved digestion. Better focus and drive. More flexibility and less muscle soreness. The diminished craving for sugar is quite noticeable. In fact there are a few successful weight loss programs based simply on alkalizing the body.

We recently purchased a digital pH meter from Hannah Instruments and find it to be helpful in measuring pH levels in a variety of different liquids and food products. For simple ways to alkalize drinking water there are two products we like – pHion and OxyPure. With a few drops both products quickly raise pH values to well over 9.0 which is highly alkalizing. pHion also adds minerals and improves ORP values (Oxidative Reductive Potential) which structures water and allows more energy to be transported. Using pHion requires two bottles of drops.

For traveling one bottle is more convenient so we also recommend OxyPure. This increases oxygen levels since an alkaline pH allows more oxygen to be released from the blood. The increase in oxygen levels is pleasantly detectable too. It’s a great pick-me-up or just a good way to start the day. We feel if businesses could use these simple tools they would benefit from a gain in productivity and overall feeling of well being. In the future we plan to report on a few more pH discoveries using the new digital meter.