Most people have heard of the dangers of aspartame, also known as NutraSweet. Yet for many the promise of calorie reduction by drinking Diet Coke still remains alluring. Victoria Inness-Brown, MA, desperate to get her own family to stop drinking diet sodas ran her own science fair project with dramatic results. She fed rats obtained from Petco 80mg of Nutrasweet a day, the equivalent of 2/3’s of one can of Diet Coke a day. The results, portrayed in pictures, are dramatic. Thirty seven percent of the female rats , and one of the male rats, developed tumors. The picture you see in our blog is of a female rate who’s tumor became so large she used it as a pillow! Most of the tumors developed in the last third of life, showing a cumulative effect. None of the control rats developed a tumor. If that wasn’t damming enough Victoria Innes-Brown also catalogues the other symptoms the rats developed – eye infections, neurological disorders including torticollis which is a condition that causes the neck to twist to one side, genetic mutations in offspring, thinning hair and, in perhaps the unkindest cut of all, obesity.

I love the independent nature of this woman’s research. Her photos speak volumes, far more than dry listing of possible side effects by the FDA. Please remember that the FDA, despite much evidence to the contrary over the last twenty five years, continues to classify aspartame as safe. Please take the time to read through her own account of the fate of her rats on NutraSweet. After reading her piece I would find it hard to continue drinking Diet Coke or consume NutraSweet, let alone believe that the FDA is an infallible source of impartial scientific judgment.