One of last things I would want for myself is to be standing in line as a victim in a class action lawsuit against the makers of a drug called Fosamax. On the market for 10 years and used by millions of people it has some truly scary side effects. Besides being linked to heart irregularities it is now shown to cause osteonecrosis of the jaw which is an irreversible crumbling and disintegrtion of the lower jaw. It also can cause severe joint pain that isn’t cured by stopping the drug. I don’t know about you but these are risks I would put on my avoid list and at least do some homework to seek an alternative approach for treatment. In fact does it make any sense that a drug that causes the jaw bone to crumble would be used to strengthen bones? Not to anyone who thinks holistically it wouldn’t.

Fosamax with its cousins Boniva and Actonel make weak bones harder, which does not equate to a stronger bone. That seems like an oxymoron but a harder bone is also a more brittle bone. Bones are made of three primary substances-water, protein and minerals. For bones to stay healthy they need to be strong AND flexible not just harder. They need accompanying muscle and tissue to maintain their function as well. Fosamax repairs bone strength in a very nonorganic way. Normally bones are in a constant of homeostasis where old bone cells are destroyed and new bone then added. This beautifully organized process is called remodeling. What Fosamax does is simply destroy the destroyers. The calcium is therefore glued onto the bone in an abnormal way that has been described as nailing ply board over holes in the wall. As you might expect bone biopsies show that Fosamax laid bone is actually chaotically disorganized, swollen and weaker than healthy bone.

Osteoporosis is a serious disease that needs to be attended to. Because it is such a dehibilitating disease woman get scared into taking the drug even though longterm studies have not shown clear and consistent benefits. Luckily there are very simple ways to enhance your bone metabolism. Make sure you are ingesting bone friendly cofactors like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, Vit K , fish oils and trace minerals. Have your Vit D level checked and adjusted if needed. Many people think this is the most important factor in bone health (and it has a lot of other benefits as well). Do weight bearing exercise. Optimize your hormone status. Be sure to eat and properly digest protein every day. Stay away from acidic foods like coffee and sugar and refined carbs. Increase alkalinity with exercise and adequate fluid intake. Make sure you have no hidden infections which acidify the body. The body sacrifices its bones to neutralize acidity. Check to see if you have heavy metals that may interfere with bone health- especially lead which lodges in the bones and also makes mercury toxicity levels 100 times more lethal. Decrease your stress levels with yoga and relaxation breathing.

Treating a condition with a non organic toxic chemical solution like Fosamax with multiple side effects does not answer anything and completely bypasses the body as a self intelligent organism If you or someone you know is about to consider using a drug for osteoporosis Google Fosamax lawsuits. Then buy yourself some bone health supplements and a couple of three pound weights, and take a long walk. It really is a better solution.