This petition supporting natural health care came across our desk today and we thought it was important enough to pass on to all the readers of our blog . As many of you know the government does not directly support the use of natural supplements and herbs, except perhaps through some HSA accounts. This petition is asking the government to let any actions that a citizen takes to improve their health, including herbs and supplements, to become fully tax deductible. It is seeking a 350 per month health care credit to support natural remedies and health enhancing products and services. It is also asking to have genetically modified and irradiated food banned from the food supply, which is something we have written about. It has a number of other points including investing in disease prevention and consumer education about nutrition. You may not agree with all the points, but certainly it is refreshing to have a petition delivered to the government seeking health care reform that includes natural remedies and supplements. This is something that actually has the potential to reduce health care spending by getting people healthy. Imagine that.

If the provisions of this petition were enacted, it would:

  • End FDA tyranny and oppression of natural product companies
  • End the persecution of alternative medicine and healing arts practitioners
  • Ban GMOs in the food supply and require honest labeling of irradiated foods
  • Protect America from CODEX “harmonization”
  • Allow full income tax deductions for ALL health-related expenditures (herbs, supplements, gym memberships, etc.)
  • Provide $350 a month in health care credits to each U.S. resident, allowing them to spend it on the health-enhancing products and services of their choice
  • End mandatory vaccination policies across AmericaRestore honest science to the FDA’s review of drugsRequire the open publication of all drug trials
  • End Big Pharma’s bribery of doctorsHold drug company CEO’s criminally liable for the harm caused by drugs they advertise to consumers
  • Restrict the advertising of junk foods and soda pop to childrenBan man-made, non-natural chemicals in personal care products
  • Invest in disease prevention and consumer education about nutrition
  • Protect the environment from dangerous drugs that pollute the water supply

If you believe in these things, please take a look at Sign the Health Revolution Petition now!

The group is gathering 100,000 signatures, then delivering this petition to every member of Congress (both House and Senate), plus President Obama and members of his administration. The costs for all this are being funded by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center.