One suggestion we are making to everyone these days is the inclusion of magnesium to our diet. Researchers know that it increases memory, alertness and energy. Besides supporting mental function (where it is shown to be effective with ADHD), magnesium also helps with asthma, colon cancer and blood sugar disorders, like metabolic syndrome and diabetes. It actually is required for the proper activity of many enzymes within the brain cells, and has been shown to be critical for memory, learning and depression as we age.

If that isn’t enough magnesium also helps prevent migraines and high blood pressure. So who wouldn’t want to try a little magnesium? Besides its easy to do and economical.

Tucson is in the middle of our lemon harvest so we suggest a simple drink that can boost energy and alertness, simply and quickly. We recommend a magnesium citrate powder. Here is the recipe. Juice half of a lemon, add a splash of maple syrup, add one teaspoon of dissolved magnesium citrate powder, a pinch or two of aluminum free baking soda and some water and ice. Now you have a deliciously effervescent, and healthy, lemonade spritzer!

The vitamin C from the lemon replenishes stressed out adrenal glands, the magnesium boosts energy and the mind, the maple syrup adds trace minerals and sweetener, and the baking soda supports bicarbonates and alkalinization while perking up the drink. It also tastes great!