Colostrum, which is the immune rich pre milk that a mother makes for feeding her newly born infant, has been found in a recent published study to be three times more effective than receiving the flu vaccine in preventing flu!!! Colostrum was actually four times more effective than doing nothing during flu season. Colostrum, of course, has many other benefits and almost no side effects. Colostrum is not milk. It contains none of the major milk proteins or lactose and should not produce a milk allergy when ingested. The influenza vaccine has many side effects including paralysis and death. Many reading this blog probably remember the first swine flu vaccine in 1976 which produced Guillian Barre Syndrome consisting of progressive paralysis and death. It would seem prudent therefore, that the first defense against the new swine flu should be colostrum taken daily.

This study appeared in Clin Appl Thromb Hemost. 2007 Apr;13(2):130-6. The actual statistics were 13 episodes in the colostrum only group, 14 in the colostrum + vaccine (did the vaccine weaken the colostrum effect?), 41 episodes in the vaccinated group and 57 episodes in the control group. This is pretty striking evidence that taking colostrum during the flu season is highly effective.