There are many reactions to the diagnosis of mold illness.  For some there is a deep sense of relief that finally someone has found something physically wrong with them.  For others there is a strong disbelief that something as common in nature as mold could possibly be causing their problem. Some people get angry that they have an illness that is genetic, or that treatment involves more than taking a medicine that insurance covers. Others become sad that their family doesn’t believe they really are sick, or start to withdraw from life because they live with the fear that they will be reexposed. The one reaction in common is that this is a life changing piece of information with some deep psychological ramifications.

For years I have been hoping that there was a mold group to support people going through the process of diagnosis and treatment.  Finally I am happy to announce that several people have stepped forward to run such a group.  Rick and Sheri Frey were some of my first identified mold patients (also referred to fondly around here as the beta mold group).  Sheri can still remember when I finally knew enough about biotoxin illness to ask her, after months of only partially successful treatment “Do you think you might have mold in your house?”  Since that fateful day she and her husband have been through the full cycle of diagnosis, treatment and whole house remediation using their own organic products. As they went through all the psychological ups and downs of their own illness they have also informally been helping out many in the community with how to get started with treatment and remediation.  I can’t think of two people more qualified to help guide others through the process and to facilitate an Arizona Mold Support Group.

The first Arizona Mold Support Group meeting will be held July 18th at 6pm at Arbico Organics. Directions to Arbico Organics can be found at the bottom of this article.

The plan is to start monthly meetings.  I know there is a lot of support among biotoxin sufferers for this idea and I encourage everyone who is affected, despite the heat, to try and make the first meeting.  All of us hope that someday the diagnosis of biotoxin illness will be part of a standard medical workup, and that people will be educated enough to know that taking care of mold in the house before it becomes a major issue is as important as locking the doors at night.  Starting an ongoing support group is an important first step in this process.

Contact:     Sheri Frey

                  520 419 4668

                  10831 N. Mavinee Dr. Ste. 185
Oro Valley, AZ 85737-9531

Located in the Foothills Business Park just south of  Honeywell, 5.5 miles north of Ina and Oracle.