Lyme Disease has been in the headlines recently. First  Arizona, then the CDC admitted that Lyme has been vastly underreported.   Most physicians have been taught that Lyme doesn’t exist in Arizona, despite the evidence of infected ticks and ill patients.  However recently the Arizona government reversed course and officially declared Arizona a Lyme state.

And next, the CDC recalculated its prevalence estimates of Lyme in country and found it was off by a factor of 10.  The prevalence rates have suddenly shifted from 30,000/year to 300,000/year.  That’s some rounding error!

Lyme causes a large number of symptoms involving many different systems of the body, and is major contributor to neurotoxicity, arthritis, chronic inflammation and fatigue. The spirochete Borrelia Burgdorferi is closely related to syphilis, and many consider it to be the great epidemic of the 21st century. Due to difficulty in establishing the presence of Bb in the body the diagnosis is often missed. There are also major disagreements among physicians about the treatment of chronic Lyme , which adds to its underdiagnosis and treatment.

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